Great Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing at its Best!

Ed Hudon, Expert Fly Fishing GuideCheck out the photos to below. We have Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Palomino (Yellow) Trout, my brother Tony fishing a small creek, Dorothy catching her first fish with a fly rod. My good buddy, Tony from GA, wondering, “what the heck is that?” when an Elk decided to walk through our fishing hole in Cherokee, NC. Last but not least, is one of the best trout fisherman I know, Forrest showing off this pre-historic Brown Trout. Each one of these photos is a great memory. I’m sure you will have your own memory to look back on as well. Let’s go fishing!

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Attached for your review, is the 2018 Delayed Harvest Stocking Schedule
I only included March, April and May. I’ll post the October/ November during the summer. We already have some early birds that have picked their dates to fly fish this year. If you plan on coming to Western NC, please select your dates as soon as you can. Looking forward to another great year fly fishing 🎣
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Now that I’ve closed out 2017, it wouldn’t be official until we post our 2017 Wall of Fame Inductees. Here they are:

PLATINUM STATUS: Austin Shoemaker and Will Sims

GOLD STATUS: Dottie Hudon - Bob Mashock - Alan Hofmeister

SILVER STATUS: John Heussner- Tony Hudon - Julie Norquest- Jim Anderson Harold Lewis - Steve Weinburg- Steve Zevitas - Michael Zevitas - Cody Stevens - Josh Hudon - Terry Hester - Quincy Thayer - Bryce Thayer - Jake Thayer ( way to go Thayer Family)

BRONZE STATUS: Wyett Hampton - James Sera*- Ed Golightly - Paula Birchmore - Randy Birchmore- Andy Anderson - Steve Sheaf - Rodney Lewis - Brad St Coeur - Tony Wood & Debbie Wood - Nick Williamson - Lucas Moore - Chad Moore - Casey Hester. Thanks to all that participated

2018 News is right around the corner!
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Well, I finished 2017 with a guided trip on December 28 th. Oh ya! Not your typical half day trip. The first 2 hours were classroom instruction, knot tying- leaders - flies - sizes and species - where to target trout, and drifting- mending, etc. all this in a hotel conference room. LOL. My two guests for the day were, 13 year old Wyett Hampton and his mother’s friend, Chris Price. After our classroom lessons, we headed out to the Tuckaseegee River in Webster. Both had never fly fished before, so it was a challenge especially since it was DECEMBER ! Pretty cold
However, Wyett caught three trout, one Brown and two Rainbow That qualifies him for Wall of Fame status, Bronze level. Chris, didn’t net any fish but did have several on, including one that took his line out quite a distance before it broke off. ( next time Chris ) it was a great way to end 2017.
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My father used to say to me, “ you want to go to Hollywood “. I said ya. He said, “the walk will do you good”
Well, I never made it to Hollywood, But I made it to utube, thanks to my friend Alan Latour. It’s a short video, but does tell the story of fishing in Jackson County , NC. I hope you check it out and enjoy it as much as we do:
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Rainbow TroutThis is me holding up a special breed of cut throat trout from Almont Colorado. I was fishing the famous John Taylor River. This river runs past the HARMELS Ranch Resort, in Almont.

AlexThis is my nephew Alex. He currently lives in Nevada with his brother Andrew. Look at the smile on his face. As they say in the commercial, PRICELESS. Can’t wait to go to Nevada and fish with these two guys. I get great pleasure watching someone catch a fish when I’m guiding them, even more than if I was doing the fishing myself.

EddieThis is a good friend and excellent fisherman John M. from Pennsylvania. Fishing has given me the opportunity to make good friends like John. In this photo, we are in Georgia, October 2012. We did not catch as many as we would have liked, but the scenery was breathtaking. We still talk about that trip every time we see each other.