Great Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing at its Best!

Ed Hudon, Expert Fly Fishing GuideCheck out the photos to below. We have Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Palomino (Yellow) Trout, my brother Tony fishing a small creek, Dorothy catching her first fish with a fly rod. My good buddy, Tony from GA, wondering, “what the heck is that?” when an Elk decided to walk through our fishing hole in Cherokee, NC. Last but not least, is one of the best trout fisherman I know, Forrest showing off this pre-historic Brown Trout. Each one of these photos is a great memory. I’m sure you will have your own memory to look back on as well. Let’s go fishing!

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Ed has begun writing a series of fishing articles for The ANGLER. They will also be posted here on our new blog entitled “Fishing Stories Told Here”.

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For all those who are having cabin fever, click on to this link and get excited about fly fishing in the Smoky Mountains! on down and go on a fly fishing adventure with expert guide Ed Hudon in The Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina
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2 months ago

Blue Chip Fly Fishing

The Fly Fishing season in Western NC will start in just a few short weeks. Attached for your review, is the NC 2019 Trout Stocking Schedule. Give me a call so we can discuss the best time for you to fly fish in the Great Smoky Mountains.
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3 months ago

Blue Chip Fly Fishing

WALL of FAME, 2018................

It’s the end of another super year of fly fishing. In fact, we had a recorded number of people make our Wall of Fame site. If you go to our Facebook link, you can see the people and their prized trophy’s: We added another category for 2019. It’s called the SLAM!

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Happy New Year 🎈🎆🎊.

PLATINUM: James Serra & Austin Shoemaker

GOLD: Harry Thomas - Steve Sheaf- Bill Taldone

SILVER: John Heussner - Mike Adams-
Jude Thomas - Jim Norquest - Alan Hofmeister - Dottie 💜 Hudon - Frank Schools - Ed Golightly - Tony 🐟 Hudon - Bob Mashock - Anne Dial Sims - Terry Hester - Casey Hester - Chuck Harrell

BRONZE: Will Blackburn - Ben Blackburn - Brandon Marriott - Joanie Neal - Jim Wallace - Cody Aston - Kyle Rose - John Van Deun - John Nook - Benjamin Adams - Olivia Hester - Stephen Hersman - Ladson Dunton - Curtis Hester 🥂🍾
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3 months ago

Blue Chip Fly Fishing

JOHN 3:16

“ For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believeth in him shall not parish, but have everlasting life.”

Most of us know John 3:16 as a biblical phrase, however in this story, it has a humorous meaning.

On my way to a guided fishing trip, I stopped into the Outpost Mountain Outfitters, in Whittier, to pick up some split shot. While cashing out, John Honeycutt asked me how it was going. I told him fishing has been real good this fall. In spite of this good report, John showed me a new streamer pattern that he just brought into the store. He said that he has tried it and it worked very well. “If it gets slow out there, try this out.” So, I bought a dozen and put them in my shirt pocket.

I met my clients and we were off to the West Fork of the Pigeon.

The day started out a little slow, so I decided to try one of John’s streamers. As soon as we started using it, we were catching fish! I was so Happy, that I looked up into the sky, spread my arms out, and said, “ thank you John.” My client said, “you mean John 3:16.” I said no, “ I mean John at the Outpost!” We laughed so hard. It was a funny moment. My client, who was pretty religious, said, “most people know about John 3:16, but do you know what John 3:17 was about?” I couldn’t help it. I said, “ is it his batting average?” Needless to say, we shared a precious memory together.

PS; Next time I stopped into the Outpost, I told John the story. He laughed. We all did. Stop in and ask for The John 3:16

You’ll be glad you did…………
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Rainbow TroutThis is me holding up a special breed of cut throat trout from Almont Colorado. I was fishing the famous John Taylor River. This river runs past the HARMELS Ranch Resort, in Almont.

AlexThis is my nephew Alex. He currently lives in Nevada with his brother Andrew. Look at the smile on his face. As they say in the commercial, PRICELESS. Can’t wait to go to Nevada and fish with these two guys. I get great pleasure watching someone catch a fish when I’m guiding them, even more than if I was doing the fishing myself.

EddieThis is a good friend and excellent fisherman John M. from Pennsylvania. Fishing has given me the opportunity to make good friends like John. In this photo, we are in Georgia, October 2012. We did not catch as many as we would have liked, but the scenery was breathtaking. We still talk about that trip every time we see each other.