Take a Kid Fishing

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Grandpa and Joshua

This month’s article is about a fishing trip with my son and my two grand children, Joshua and Aiden Hudon. They live in Pennsylvania. It’s a story about a young boy fishing and sharing his experience  with all of us. We always say, “Take a Kid Fishing” and make a memory. What we don’t say… Read more »

Mayday ~ Mayday

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The definition is an emergency word used internationally as a distress signal. I think we all knew that, but did you ever need to use it? This story starts out in December, 2002. It was only three months after my wife and I came back from one of my favorite places, ever. Almont, Colorado. You… Read more »


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Published in the January 2017 issue of Western North Carolina Edition of The ANGLER magazine It’s January, Happy New Year! I hope the holidays were good to you. The beginning of the year gives most of us a chance to organize the fly box, add some new equipment to the arsenal, and get excited for the new… Read more »