Let’s Get Started

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18" Brown

For those of you that picked up this magazine because you have interest in fly fishing but can’t get started, this article is for you. Before July 2005, I only tried fly fishing a couple of times by myself. Because I didn’t have any luck, I lost interest. Then in July of 2005, while looking… Read more »

It’s Time to Fess Up

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Well, It’s about time I tell the story of my trip to Colorado in 2008. That’s when my partner and I hosted a fishing trip with our clients. One in particular, Jeff V. D., had never fly fished before. He was very apprehensive, but being a great sport, he decided to try it. Jeff asked… Read more »

Take a Kid Fishing

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Grandpa and Joshua

This month’s article is about a fishing trip with my son and my two grand children, Joshua and Aiden Hudon. They live in Pennsylvania. It’s a story about a young boy fishing and sharing his experience  with all of us. We always say, “Take a Kid Fishing” and make a memory. What we don’t say… Read more »