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"What a way to spend the next 10-15 years. Teach, make friends, and continue to enjoy my passion."

Fishing has been a passion for me since I was ten years old.

I took my younger brother Tony, age 7 at the time, to a place called P.N.A. Park.  We caught Sunfish, Johnny roach and very small Largemouth Bass. We graduated to the “Secret Hole” where there were some real nice fish, big Largemouth and Pickerel. It was those early days that got me hooked on fishing.

I remember my father took my brother and me to The Reservoir, in Wallingford, Conn. He left us there with a lunch box, some tackle, and a desire to catch some fish and please him. We caught seven perch that day and had them on a stringer. Couldn’t wait for dad to come pick us up to show him the fish. As he approached the fishing site, I went to get the fish, but they were swimming up stream. Apparently, we didn’t tie them to the bank so well.

I joined the local Rod & Gun Club. It was there that I "tried" fly fishing. I had bought a cheap model, put the rod and reel together, tied on a wooly bugger and started to fish. Night after night I came home  without catching a trout. I was determined. One night I fished until dark and said I was not going home until I caught a trout. It was very dark, but I kept at it until BANG, I hooked into a nice rainbow. I have not been spin cast fishing since.

My business career started out working for Wonder Bread, Hostess Cake, and Drakes Cakes. Moved to Florida and worked at a local potato chip distributorship. From there I opened up my own food brokerage business. Took on a partner 17 years ago, and have finally retired. During the 17 years, we planned many business-fishing trips with our friends and clients. We went to the same place for most of those years, a 5-star Trout Heaven in Almont, Colorado. I learned the local waters pretty good, and most of the time, I guided the boys.

I thought I would take all this experience and passion for fishing and begin my new career, FLY FISHING GUIDE. Dottie and I bought a cabin in Bryson City, North Carolina 11 years ago. I have fished the local waters there during that time. I want to share my experiences on the water with you. Fishing has kept me and my brother very close all these years. I have made many friends while fishing in NY, PA, VT, MA, CO, GA, TN and NC. What a way to spend the next 10-15 years. Teach, make friends, and continue to enjoy my passion.

"Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman's job is simple: Pick out the best parts."

— Charles Waterman

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