Counting Fish

By Ed Hudon - April 17, 2018
Fish fry

I recently went on a fishing trip with (4) friends. At the end of the day, we were deciding were to eat dinner.

While we were thinking about where to go, one friend said, “I got about 8 or 10” Another friend said, “I got close to 15.” I chimed in and asked, “Why do you guys count your fish?” I want to share some of their answers.

Gary: Well, I sort of count. I try to measure how good the day was.

Mike: I usually start to count, but then I lose count or forget. Especially when I get to double digits. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if I’m satisfied.

James: I don’t count. I don’t care, however, I know if it’s less than five. I’m more concerned about catching. It’s a challenge to find out what fly is working.

Austin: Well, I do fishing competitions. So, I’m used to counting, not only how many, but sometimes how long too. Also, if I catch 20 in one day, I want to beat that number and try to increase my catch rate.

I fished a father and son combo in March this year. As soon as the father caught the first fish, he yelled out to his son, “one to nothing.”

As I continue to guide, I realize that counting will always be a part of the day. I came up with a fun way to count fish, and be ACCURATE at the same time. I use baseball players by identifying their uniform number with their names. Here are some examples. My clients get a kick out of it. FIRST fish caught is Billy Martin. SECOND fish is Derrick Jeter. THIRD is Babe Ruth. FOURTH is Lou Gehrig. Here‘s the rest:

  1. Billy Martin
  2. Derrick Jeter
  3. Babe Ruth
  4. Lou Gehrig
  5. Joe Dimaggio
  6. Stan Musial
  7. Mickey Mantle
  8. Yogi Berra
  9. Ted Williams
  10. Phil Rizzuto
  11. Luis Aparicio
  12. Gil McDougal
  13. Dan Marino (ha!)
  14. Gil Hodges
  15. Thurman Munson
  16. Whitey Ford
  17. Carl Eskine
  18. Ted Kluszewski
  19. Jr. Gilliam
  20. Don Sutton
  21. Roberto Clemente
  22. Johnny Podres
  23. Micheal Jordan (ha!)
  24. Willie Mays


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