Frequently Asked Questions

I've never been fly fishing. It looks hard. As a beginner I think I would be nervous.
Fly fishing is not all about casting the line across the river and floating a dry and mending your line. That takes time to learn. However, there are easier methods for beginners to try, like stripping in a streamer or drifting a nymph below the surface. We are here for you to have a FUN day and learn more about fly fishing.
I don’t have any fishing equipment. Can you supply everything I need?
YES. I have waders, boots, and fly rods. There is NO charge for using my equipment. However, you will have to purchase a fishing license and/or permit.
If I want to bring my wife, and both of us need your service because we have never been fly fishing, can you accommodate us?
YES, I can handle two fisherman at the same time, whether they are experienced or not. If you have a group of people, three or more, I have the assistance of the guides at Tuckaseegee Fly Shop to support me. If you have a young child, I will only fish him or her, as they need undivided attention.
Can I get a series of lessons, or trips?
YES – I would give you a discounted rate, that would be negotiated.
What will I need to bring?
Where we decide to fish will determine what type of license or permit you will need. I will advise you on the correct application. Also, bring a rain jacket, sunscreen, insect repellent, polarized glasses, and a hat.
If I catch some fish, can I bring them home to eat?
I practice CATCH & RELEASE at all times. However, if you wish to take some fish home to eat, we will have to fish in areas that allow you to harvest your catch. This is known as, “CATCH & FILLET” (LOL) All kidding aside, there is nothing like a nice grilled trout dinner, especially when it's the trout YOU caught!
Catch & Fillet

"The chance of hooking a nice trout still excites and thrills me to this day… just as it did when I was a kid. I like that"

— M.A. Bookout

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