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ATTENTION FLY FISHERMEN…If you’re looking for the ultimate fly fishing experience, Eddie Hudon and Blue Chip Fly Fishing is the answer. I had never even held a fly rod until my first trip with Eddie. Eddie was extremely patient and taught me how to properly fly fish, and in no time had me catching the most beautiful rainbows and browns you have ever seen. The patience, knowledge and skill of Eddie will make your trip extremely memorable no matter what skill level of a fisherman you are. I highly recommend using Eddie and the accommodations at Lands Creek for your next fly fishing trip.

Craig Scarbro, Atlanta, GA

I’m am a beginner: Hi, my name is Dorothy, and I wanted to try fly fishing, as I always heard about it but was afraid to try it. I called Eddie and ask if I would be a candidate to try. He said, “absolutely – in fact, most of my best experiences on the water with new people are women” I asked, why is that? Eddie told me that the guys try too hard, want to cast across the river on the first day in the water. Women, on the other hand, are very concerned with their technique and don’t force the issue. I quickly understood what he meant, because the first 10 minutes in the water, I felt comfortable and felt it was easier than I thought. I caught 3 trout my first time out with Eddie. He made it so easy for me to start. I now want to buy waders and go again!

Dorothy, West Palm Beach, FL

The overall adventure that I experienced with Eddie Hudon, Blue Chip Fly Fishing, was outstanding! Eddie's expertise and patience was much appreciated as he taught me numerous techniques to perfect my fly fishing capabilities. Eddie was able to offer guidance on line and leader choices, indicator placement, and specific fly choices. Eddie's knowledge of hatches and stream aquatic life was excellent as we successfully fished the streams during various hours and weather patterns. A bonus for me was Eddies appreciation of our wilderness surroundings. Be prepared to have a "first class" adventure with Blue Chip Fly Fishing!

John Maynard, Pen Agryl, PA

Whether you’re a long time fisherman or just a beginner, Eddie Hudon and Blue Chip Fly Fishing can get you in the water catching fish. He was my 2nd teacher next to my dad. But Eddie showed me the finer tips and tricks of fly fishing, which I remember to this day. And the memories we have, I cherish to this day as well. He’s patient, helpful and understanding. But he’s also a tenacious, with a stay-in-water till it’s dark guy who loves to fish with his “friends” and newly formed friendships. I can highly recommend him.

Patrick Myers, New York, Chicago and Sarasota

I have fished with Eddie Hudon for over 10 years now. Eddie is the one who introduced me to fly fishing. We have fished all over the country, and I have always caught fish when fishing with Eddie. The best thing to me about Eddie is that he really cares about you catching fish!! Eddie is one of the best guides, storytellers, and persons you will have the honor of meeting. I guess the best things about Eddie is that he is so patient while fishing with you and makes you feel at ease and you will catch fish and always learn something with Eddie. He is truly a great gentleman and a pleasure to be with. You can’t go wrong with Eddie!! He is the best! Once you’ve met Eddie you have a friend!

Tony, Lawrenceville, GA

Had Eddie for a guide 4 times, always caught trout and had fun. We fished the Tuck, the Cherokee and the Nantahala, what great trips. Eddie is a great teacher, he's patient, he shows you how to fish the river, he gives you the royal treatment. Caught my first trout on a fly rod and I was 71 years young. He points out wildlife and scenery and we even had a herd of elk cross the river. Magnificent! Thanks Eddie.

Ed Golightly, Kokomo, Indiana

Ed is a very knowledgeable fly fishing instructor and guide. He knows the rivers, equipment, techniques, and fish. Within an hour he taught me the basics of the Euro nymphing technique and had me catching fish. He was very helpful and patient teaching me.

Al Sonski, Fish Hatchery Supervisor, State of Connecticut. Retired

Great Fishing Day With A Great Fishing Guide

I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember, and as Susan (my wife) eagerly points out to friends and family, I’m a fisherman—not a catcher-man! And sadly I have to agree with the accuracy of her statement. I love to fish, and over the years I’ve realized that catching is an add-on experience. It is the fishing that attracts me.

Recently, I had the privilege of spending two days on the West Fork of the Pigeon with Eddie Hudon, “Blue Chip Fly Fishing". Our first time out was definitely a catching day. According to Eddie’s unique way of counting fish, I caught 51 fish, two of which were in the 18+ inch range, and I made the wall of fame for catching all the trout species: rainbow, brook and brown. It was a great day, not only because I caught lots of fish, it was because I was being taught how to fish by a master teacher. While catching fish is great, learning how to catch them is the most important. Eddie taught me how to keep my fly out of the trees, and for the most part I was successful; he also provided not only the how, but the why. He taught be about when to use different flies, how to predict where the fish will be, different fly presentations, the importance of being quiet and how to share the stream with others. As a former university professor I was most impressed with Eddie’s teaching style which was encouraging, fun and informative.

The next time my son Reagin and I went out with Eddie. The first trip was basically a way for me to learn a bit about fly fishing, develop some fly fishing skills so when I went out with Reagin, I would sparkle him with my trout fishing acumen. Unfortunately on this trip, youth prevailed.

Reagin and I had a great father-son fishing experience. Eddie's quick wit, easy demeanor and encouragement made it a great day. While we did not catch that many fish, the time spent on the river with Eddie was fantastic. We are now novice trout fishermen; however, because our experience with Eddie was so positive and educational, I feel certain that in the years to come, we’ll move beyond novice trout fishing status. Thanks Eddie for helping us find our “inner trout”.

Mike McCammon

"Fly-fishing is the most fun you can have standing up."

— Arnold Gingrich

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