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Dottie & Ed

We feel very lucky to be "living the dream". For us that is retiring and starting our own fly fishing guide service. All this with my beautiful wife of 49 years. My passion has always been to go fishing. Now I can do it more often, with no pressure to get back to the laptop and answer a ton of e-mails. The only e-mails I work with now are to schedule a trip. Dottie and I also like to give back to the communities where we live.

Being a fishing guide service, Dottie and I can now donate our time and resources to helping less fortunate than we are, or to help someone enjoy the outdoors in spite of their handicaps. Below are a few of the organizations that we have signed up for 2016. It's very rewarding to give!! (you get a lot more back)

Project Healing Waters

Healing Waters Fly Fishing Project:

If you would like to contribute to Project Healing Waters, please complete the form and mail to:

PO Box 695
LaPlata, MD 20646

Casting for Recovery website

Casting for Recovery

Most of our friends and business associates are not aware that my wife, Dottie is a Breast Cancer Survivor. So this program to volunteer is even more special to us. Please read the information provided in their website: www.castingforrecovery.org

Any contribution you make would be greatly appreciated. There are two retreats per year for those that are survivors or in treatment.

Check the website for the details.

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